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High-pressure oil hydraulics

Our company was established in 1970 and operates under today’s legal form since 1983.

Since 2021 the company has moved into its new privately owned facilities in the industrial area of Peristeri, continuously investing in equipment and human capital as of today.

From its early years Industrial Technologies provides the industrial, marine and mobile machinery markets with high quality equipment and competent service.

Our warehouse holds a stock of thousands of items aiming to provide our customers with rapid, ex-shelf service, while our technical personnel has more than 40 years of experience in hydraulic systems various applications. We are official distributors for major manufacturers of hydraulic system components for the region of Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries.

The company has published a hydraulic systems manual in Greek and organizes training seminars on hydraulics.

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From the early years of its operation "Industrial Technologies" provides the Greek industrial, marine and mobile machinery sectors with high quality equipment and competent service

We represent some of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic components in the world such as Danfoss Power Solutions from the USA and Kawasaki Precision Machinery Ltd. from Japan. These commercial relationships give us access to high-quality and proven technological products such as Vickers’ original V and VQ series vane pumps and Staffa’s HMB and HMC star engines.

In addition, we supply:

  • Vickers series piston pumps PVH, PVM, PVQ, PVB, PVE
  • Danfoss Series Piston Pumps X20
  • Hydrokraft piston pumps (pressures up to 420bar)420bar)
  • Piston pumps Duraforce
  • Kawasaki series piston pumps K3VL, K3VG, K3V, K5V, K7V
  • Vickers series steering valves DG4V, DG5V
  • Full range of industrial valves Vickers
  • Analog valves Vickers τύπου KBF, KBH, KBS, KBD, KBT, KFDG, KBDG, KCG
  • Hydraulic motors Charlynn
  • Cylinders HydroLine
  • Full range of valve inserts Danfoss Integrated Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic fluid filters
  • Nitrogen accumulators
  • Quick links Danfoss/Hansen & Gromelle
  • Danfoss/Airflex Product range
  • Aeroquip Discharge Hose
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Training seminars – hydraulic technology

We organize training seminars on hydraulic technology and present them in your factory or offices.

Hydraulic power pack

We design hydraulic power packs according to the specifications of each customer or application. We provide technical support and consulting from the early stages to the completion of each project. Installation study and continuous technical support from the early stages.

Hydraulic pumps and motors repair and overhauling

In general, every hydraulic system must be checked periodically and preventively to avoid repeated failures that are often irreversible.

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