Hydraulic systems, piston motors, piston pumps, solenoid valves

At Kawasaki’s Precision Machinery Company, we manufacture hydraulic components and equipment used in construction machinery as well as industrial machinery and ships. Our pumps, motors, valves, and other hydraulic components, as well as our assembled hydraulic systems, serve to drive and control a wide range of machinery and equipment.

Kawasaki is a total systems engineering company, leading the way in hydraulics and supplying equipment for a huge range of applications including industrial, construction, agriculture and marine

Leading the hydraulics industry

 in scale and production facilities, we manufacture a wide range of products, from hydraulic pumps, motors, actuators, valves and other hydraulic components, to hydraulic systems for machines and plants of all kinds, as well as hydraulic deck machinery, electro-hydraulic steering gear, hydraulic fishing machinery, and various other applications.

With our superior team of researchers and lab facilities, we are also always engaged in developing new technologies and products, and strive to improve quality and stabilize product supply.

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