Staffa/Kawasaki hydraulic motor

Staffa/Kawasaki hydraulic motor with auto speed change , type HMC200/S/188/60/FM4/CS/70, as it is being packed for shipment to the vessel. All motor sizes are always in stock in our Athens warehouse and you can see what is available in our website

Kawasaki axial piston pump

Kawasaki axial piston pump K3VL80 with hydraulic displacement control block, coupled to an electric motor. It will be installed on a hydraulic power pack we are currently building for use on an industrial press.

Two – speed, 80 ton press power pack

Two – speed, 80 ton press power pack, complete with electrical automation of our own design. Recently delivered to an industrial customer for use in the factory workshop.

Eaton/Vickers screw-in cartridge valve

Eaton/Vickers screw-in cartridge valve type SV13-10-C-0-24DG. The use of cartridge valves in hydraulic system design minimizes the need for hoses and pipes and of course saves space and cost as the system’s operations are now compacted in manifold blocks. We hold a large stock of cartridge valves for all applications.

Hydraulic bladder accumulator

Hydraulic bladder accumulator ABVE4 made by Hydroleduc (France), compatible with all major manufacturers like Hydac, Olaer, Parker, Ningbo. Epe. It will store hydraulic pressure and release it in the system when needed. We keep sizes 4Lt, 10Lt, 20Lt, 32Lt and 50Lt in stock as well as spare bladder kits and seal kits.

Solenoid valves

Eaton/Vickers solenoid valves for the valve cabinet which controls the liquid cargo remote control valves in tanker vessels. We have in stock all spool/voltage combinations and all special features (emergency push buttons, special seals, minimal internal leakage, central power connection and many more).

Piston pump

Vickers variable displacement piston pump type PVH57 for industrial applications as well as construction vehicles. We have all PVH and PVM series pumps in stock with sizes PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH131.


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