Eaton is extending its offering with the Xcel Series Low Speed High Torque Disc Valve motors for low and medium duty applications. This motor is built to optimise performance with value, offering a reliable, proven solution with Eaton expertise.
Xcel motors’ three-zone design allows true bi-directional operation and resistance to pressure spikes extending motor life.

•    Eaton`s Xcel motors are aimed at the medium duty applications,  with “good enough” performance in this range and offering  a price benefit.
•    Eaton`s Xcel motors have passed the same accelerated life test as the premium Char-Lynn product line.  In low to medium duty applications the life expectation will be the same, given appropriate fluid management.
•    The three zone design, shared with almost all Eaton Geroter / Geroler ™ motors, facilitates the use of a case drain to improve motor flushing and maximise shaft seal life
•    Eaton`s Xcel motors are manufactured to the same standards expected in all Eaton plants globally.  The Eaton Business System is a series of guidelines and best practices  regularly audited for compliance to quality standards.  The manufacturing plant has also  received Eaton`s world class classification for the last 2 years.  It uses new and modern equipment and has been positively audited by many local and global OEMs.
•    Complementing the Char-Lynn premium line, Xcel can be applied to the lower to medium duty functions, with one single supplier for all levels of motor performance.
Easy-to-design-in features and sizes makes Xcel a good solution for applications with more generic design needs.
•    Eaton`s XL2 series Disc Valve motors offer the option of built-in cross line relief and counterbalance valves
•    Eaton`s Xcel motors offer the most popular options for shafts, flanges, ports  and displacements.

Catalogues are on PowerSource: Xcel XL2 Series, Xcel XL4 Series